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Inspired by... 

Color.  Texture. The curve of an elegant line.
Personality.  The Unexpected. The feel of luxurious
fabric floating across fingertips. Light. Energy. Heart-
felt laughter. Capturing a perfect moment. The details.

The day it all began... see the video that captures
the inspiration behind how
Honeysuckle & Scotch came to be

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September 2015
Exciting news today! The oh-so-talented writer, Cheryl Fenton from Boston Magazine, wrote a delightful feature about our custom-designed combs (sigh... gush).  The story is now posted up on their wedding blog and we couldn't be more thrilled!  Check out the link and feel free to share it with friends! Big kiss to you Cheryl. Thanks for sharing this with all your beautiful-Boston-bridal friends and readers!  XO

Custom Combs, Fascinators & Bespoke Designs by Abby Shepard

Honeysuckle & Scotch

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Thanks for stopping by to visit my design studio!  I'm always working on something new so pop by often to check
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