Honeysuckle & Scotch

Custom Combs, Fascinators & Bespoke Designs by Abby Shepard

2015- Details for original Style Over the past few years, I've worked on perfecting my products and materials through tremendous research and experimentation.  In 2015, Honeysuckle & Scotch was ready to launch and to share these treasured, custom details with a list of exclusive clients.

Abby Shepard's Education and experience Is as an illustrator, designer and Stylist.  My Design philosophy is to look at any Project as a whole, how it fits into it's surroundings, what type of mood it's meant to exude, and if it represents the personality of the client. 

The Story

I'm a visual artist living in Boston & I custom create ornate, custom designs for various projects.  I'm inspired by all things design!  You'll find ornate, sparkling combs & fascinators to embellish gorgeous hair, add something extra to a favorite outfit or to coordinate perfectly with a bridal veil, birdcage or blusher to add just the right detail to capture your style on your most cherished day!

2012- Riverside Farm - Pittsfield VT-

 This was the year by some strange turn of fate that I would be guided towards a life designing details for weddings and events.  This is the year I got married.  As a designer, my own wedding and all the details leading up to, during and after proved to have the effect of being in a creative candy-shop.  I was in design heaven and walked away with a suite of custom products, along with the experience and desire to keep creating for these superbly special, and blissful events.