Honeysuckle & Scotch

The Story of H & S

It was 2012 at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, VT that everything took a turn and Honeysuckle & Scotch was born! The strange turn of fate that guided me towards a life designing details for weddings and events was of course... my own wedding. As a designer, my own wedding turned out to be something I never imagined - a pure creation exploration inspired by all the little details leading up to, during and after - it was a type of creative candy-shop leaving me sweet on the hole idea of helping ladies achieve what was a magical moment, day and lifetime memory.

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Custom Combs, Fascinators & Bespoke Designs by Abby Shepard

 I work out of my Boston-based studio to create ornate, custom designs for various projects. I'm inspired by all things design! 

You'll find anything from sparkling combs to ethereal fascinators to embellish all types of gorgeous hairstyles. I can help to add a little something extra special to a favorite outfit or help you to add just the right detail to go with your headpiece, veil, birdcage or blusher - specifically made to capture your style on your most cherished day! I can also make the headpiece, veil, birdcage or blusher if you need that too!

Get in touch to chat about any ideas or upcoming events that could use a touch of inspirational glamour!

I'm a designer, visual artist, illustrator and maker of custom created treasures for various clients and occasions.

I specialize in custom, one-of-a-kind pieces to capture the vision and unique style of each client. Whether I'm creating a custom-made fabric, gemstone comb or handsewn veil with watercolor chiffon flowers - each one is a work of art that is a keepsake for life!

I work closely with clients to gather all the lovely details of an event setting, adornments and attire, particular personality style, potential themes to consider, complimentary elements, color palette, fabrics, and any other coordinating part of the design process to then apply to concept sketches that will evolve your individual heirloom from scratch to final perfection.